Apply for 2023 Awards

The North American Interfraternity Conference (NIC) awards recognize outstanding fraternity men, chapters, advisors and leaders. These honors play a significant role in the advancement of the NIC mission and vision, as well as the industry as a whole. Recognizing the value and impact of individual and group efforts on college/university campuses and within interfraternal organizations conveys the importance of innovation, courage and commitment to a positive fraternal experience.

Submit a nomination now for the 2023 Awards of Distinction program through the application links below! The application deadline is Sunday, April 9.

Prepare Your Nomination


  • Award of Distinction (Undergraduate, Chapter, Advisor, Alumnus) honor people and groups who rise above in fraternity communities
  • Laurel Wreath Award celebrates unique programs and initiatives influencing the fraternity community and greater world
  • Gold and Silver Medals recognize lifelong service to the interfraternal community and/or the NIC

Reminder: The NIC’s IFC Awards Program honoring councils, officers and initiatives will accept nominations beginning in September 2023!


  • Excel among peers and exemplify what it means to be a fraternity member
  • Support NIC Positions and align with NIC Standards
  • Innovate and lead others to greater heights


Open the online submission portal for the award type, below. Here’s what you will need to complete the form:

Narrative (100 to 500 words)
Be thoughtful and creative. The NIC purposely doesn’t provide strict criteria for awards because we want to see innovation, enthusiasm and diversity — but we need you to tell us the story of your nominee in the best way you can. The more information you provide, the more likely your nomination is to stand out.

Letters of endorsement
At least one is required for all entries. Multiple are letters encouraged. There is no length requirement.

  • Undergraduates and Chapters – Both inter/national fraternity and university/college endorsement required
  • Advisor/Volunteer – Either fraternity or university endorsement is required
  • Alumnus – Fraternity endorsement required

Additional documentation (optional)
We welcome links to articles, videos, webpages and any other relevant additional information.

Make a Nomination

Undergraduate Award of Distinction

Must be a current undergraduate in good standing with their organization or young alumnus who graduated in the prior fall semester

  • Illustrates clear leadership that has shaped the future of their organization, their peers and the campus community.
  • Models and teaches ethical servant leadership and elevates the Ritual and values of their member fraternity.
  • Deeply committed to the advancement of the fraternal experience and lives the highest standards of fraternity.

Deadline: Sunday, April 9

Chapter Award of Distinction

Must be in good standing with the inter/national organization and in alignment with NIC Standards

  • Goes above and beyond to establish fraternal values that are woven into multiple facets of the experience, community and group attitude.
  • Holds high standards for all individual members and thoughtfully strives to develop members into better men.
  • Shows excellence in all aspects of chapter operations, academics, service and interfraternalism.

Deadline: Sunday, April 9

Advisor Award of Distinction

Can be a campus-based fraternity and sorority life professional or an individual who has provided tenured support to a chapter and/or community through inter/national headquarters affiliation

  • Exemplifies fraternity values, mission, purpose.
  • Shows collaborative leadership in addressing critical problems and affects systemic change for good.
  • Inclusively committed to the personal development of all individuals, challenges students to be the best they can be, encourages progressive change.

Deadline: Sunday, April 9

Alumnus Award of Distinction

Recognizes accomplished leadership and service the local, regional or national level

  • Provides exceptional and sustained service to their own fraternity and/or campus community and/or the extended interfraternal world.
  • Exhibits a strong belief in interfraternalism and has committed to action that supports interfraternal values.
  • Fosters positive change that advances the fraternal movement.

Deadline: Sunday, April 9

Laurel Wreath Award

Recognizes unique programs, community outreach, or influence within the fraternal world by an NIC member organization.

Deadline: Sunday, April 9

Gold and Silver Medals

The Gold Medal is the highest honor the Conference can bestow and recognizes lifelong service to the interfraternal community and/or the NIC. The Silver Medal recognizes exemplary service or leadership in a role or task that has advanced the fraternal movement.

Deadline: Sunday, April 9